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I love you, Father

I love you, Father, because You first loved me and sent Your Son to die for my sins.   He totally humbled Himself, submitting to the death of a common criminal, enduring infinite humiliation and pain, He became sin for me, dying the death I deserved.

How much I praise You that it was impossible for death to hold Hm in its power, that You raised Him from the dead to be my Savior.  Thank You that He is my savior, He save me completely; He prays for me.  I glorify You, my Father, with greatefulness and joy.  Love you, My Lord.


Preguntas de la Biblia / Adquiere conocimiento

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1.  Cuando Dios se encbrio como un angel, ¿a quien se le aparecio en la fuente que esta en el camino de Shur?

a. a agar

b. a abraham

c. a Sara

2.  ¿Quiens e aparecio a Moises en la zarza ardiendo, segunun Exodo 3:2?

a. Dios

b. Yave

c. el Angel de Jehova

d. Jehova de los ejercitos

3.  ¿Como llamo el angel de Jehova a Gedeon?

a. debil

b. hombre de Dios

c. poderoso guerrero

d. varon esforzado y valiente

4.  ¿Porque el angel de Jehova exclamo: “Abraham, Abraham!?

a. para que regresara y huyera del peligro

b. para que no sacrificara a su hijo Isaac

c. para que se arrepintiera de su pecado y se volviera a Dios.

5.  ¿A que animal se le aparecio un angel?

a. a la ballena de Jonas

b. el asna de Balaam

c. el leon de Sanson

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With all your getting, get understanding

Rare Jewel.

Proverbs 3:13-14 – Happy is the man who finds wisdom,… for her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold.

This verse is telling us or urges us to search for something more precious – wisdom.  We need to do whatever is necessary to get wisdom and really to receive it or get it you need to search for God.  Inner happiness comes when man attains God’s Wisdom.  Can we search this wisdom diligently like jewel?  Wisdom is discovered and enjoyed only by those who are diligent, devoted, and determined to seek it.