Break Your Past

Curses can be inherited; as they move from a generation to another. And what does curse means? Action which is directed against a person or thing, expressing anger towards her and wishes harm to come.

The purpose is to cause downfall and evil, and sometimes even death.

Today we see families where various forms of physical or mental diseases have gone from a generation to another. We see families in divorce, incest, poverty, abuse, neglect, children with a parent, divided families, that is repeated from generation to generation.

How can you be free from the sins of ancestors? Recognizing with a sincere heart and confessing, 1 Jn 1: 9. Act lile the people of Israel did, see Nehemiah 9: 1-3. Pray, fast, humble before God, confess your sins and parent’s sins; read the Word and then worship God. Then don’t allow sin in your camp. If you disobeys God, you are giving the right to the enemy to attack you.  By L.Robles


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