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Praying like Jacob, “Bless me”

Do you know that God is able to bless the spiritually aggressive, as we saw with Jacob?
Jacob was humble, not timid, but also bold in his prayer.  We need to learn to pray like him..  Because God is willing and able to blessi those who ask.  He loves to rain down favors on the lives of His children.
Now, when you receive your blessings make sure that you can become a “blessers” of others.  It is big enough to go beyond  others.  Everything He does in us and for us is designed to flow through us to others.
God wants to reveal Himself to those who really want to know Him.   So when you go to Him. see, touch, and hear God.  Don’t be shy, believe, ask.  Be humble, not timid. You need your blessings to bless others. Go ahead, ask. God is able to bless the spiritually aggressive.
Read Genesis 32:24.

By Lydia Robles


Give me success today

If God answer Eliezer prayer, He can answer yours. All you need to do  is to be specific like Eliezer.  God is very eager to answer prayer.  When we ask for good things with worthy motives, God may respond quickly,  When  we pray for success,  give God a specific target. He might just answer, “yes”!  He might even say, “YES”!