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Los beneficios que Dios nos da, el poder despertar cada dia confiando en El.  Confiamos completamente porque El permanece, no falla, no cambia, no nos abandona, nos proteje y guarda, nos provee y sostiene, nos guia…y dirige, nos alimenta cada dia, nos cubre, nos corona de sus favores y misericordias.  Confias tu el El? Depositate en Sus manos.
Benefits that our God gives, to see a day trusting in Him.  We trust completely in Him, because He’s faithful, don’t change, don’t fail you, don’t leave you. He protects you, guards you, sustain you, provides, guides, and direct you, He feed you every day, covers you and He crowns you with his favor and mercies. Are you trusting in Him? Place yourself in his hands.


A time to PRAY

GOD loves to see His Church that takes time to be with Him. Even though we are so busy during the day, we need to spend time with the Lord.  To have a communication with him.
    Setting a time just exactly for Him, to pray, to talk ti Him.  Also when we do this, We let God speak to us. Is like having an appointment with Him in which we’re going to have an encounter with Him.  This is something that we need to do every day.
   If you really need Him, every day your spirit and soul is going to remind you to spend a time with Him.  TO be alone with Him, praising, worshipping Him.
   Do you know that God wants this time to be with us? Yes he does, and we really need to have a closer relationship with Him.
   When did you take a time with God? When was the last time you prayed? When did you speak to Him?


Bible Verse of the Day

God calls us sons and daughters because we accepted His Son Jesus. As a Father, He likes to see a son that listen to His voice; to pay attention and also follow what He’s saying. To pay attention means to be silent to hear only His voice, His Word.

My son, pay attention to what I say. Listen closely to my words. (Proverbs 4:20)

Bible Verse of the Day

Protect the gates…


Good morning. Blessings to all.  Brothers and sisters in Christ, God gave us authority through His Holy Spirit, and He prepared you to protect the gates. If your gates are destroyed rebuild them. That way the enemy or enemies can’t enter to your territory.  Are you ready? COME on now…. Ready to stand, to protect.. Think about it. It’s now.