Shaken In His Presence


I would like to invite you to open your Bible in Acts 4:31, and read 

      First thing I learned: We as His Church, can have good and powerful results when we pray.  This people were together, one mind, united praying.  Now, when we humble ourselves and know that God is God and together we pray, God’s presence is going to come down; and when He (His Holy Spirit) comes, something have to happen.

     What happen? The place was shaken and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.  Yes! Shaken by His Presence and Power.  Okay, Okay; when you look for the word shaken means to tremble uncontrollably, means to move back and forth or up and down or side to side; shaking something in order to achieve something.

I like this…. why? How are you going to speak the Word of God boldly empty with no power?  We first need to be shaken by His Presence because that shaken is going to do wonders in our lives first.  SHAKEN IN HIS PRESENCE.  When the Spirit of God is reveals both place and people trembles.  The overwhelming power of His Strength causes all things in His Presence to be affected.  He (God) needed to shake you and I cause there were  areas that needs to go, why? to speak the Word of God boldly.  SHAKEN IN HIS PRESENCE.  Because of this shaking there are areas in our life that are going to be affected; yes!  -Physical: like it happen in the bible and the meaning your body will move; those people saw it, and if the place moved, they also moved.                                                                                                                                                                                               emotionally:  The shaken of His Presence, the Power of His strength is going to free yourself, is going to get rid of those strong feeling that affect your spiritual life-like: fear, sadness, sorrow, hate, anger, terror, lack of interest – yes in reading the Word, in praying, in fasting, in seeking God; and there is more feeling but let God touch your heart right now and let Him Shake You so all those feelings can go; let God get rid of them.                                                                                                    -Mentally:  The power of His strength is going to change your way of thinking.  The enemy was playing with your mind, putting negative thoughts, disturbing you, but the Power of his Strength changed you mind and now you have the mind of Christ.  -Spiritually:  The power of His Presence is going to change your spiritual life.  You’re going to grow; you’re going to seek Him more and more; more obedient to His Word; more dedicated to Him; more to pray, fast, you’re going to be hungry for His Word  and all because of His Shaken.

   When you are shaken others also will be affected for good.  Read Daniel 6: 26-27.  This king was shaken by Daniel life.  He saw how God rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.  People need to see the God’s wonders through us, because we are His Instrument, His Vessels.

To Conclude:

Is the Holy Spirit shaking your places, our places?

Is the Holy Spirit shaking people through our prayers?

May our prayers be so effective that our places, (job, families, homes, ministries, name it) and also people be touched, be shaken and filled with His Presence (Holy Spirit)



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