Proverbs 3:5-6 say: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart ….He will make your paths straight.

  The first thing GOD wants us to do; Trust Him. 
See? We need to do the first step.  If we trust Him with all our heart, meaning 100 percent. You know Him. You know his Word, believe and obey.  So when problems come you trust with all your heart because you know HE don’t lie.

Know, what He’s going to do?
He will make your paths straight. How? By taking care of those obstacle that are in front of you in the path you’re walking.  Maybe while you’re walking, you’re saying or said, -“I can’t make it, it’s hard. But remember, …if you trust Him, He will make a Way.

Cuando te enfrentas con gigantes y obstaculos y deseas ver a Dios obrando en tu vida, lo primero que debes hacer es; Confiar. Reconocelo como tu DIOS.
Al Tu confiar, El se encargara de quitar esos ostaculos, esas piedras de tu camino.
Creele solo a Dios.

Posted from Dr. Lydia Robles


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