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God hears you.


  Good morning. Blessings.   Don’t stop praying. Crying out to the Lord. He hears and answers.

Posted from Dr. Lydia Robles


Who is God in your life?


I can really say that God is my God.  He’s my strength.  Why?  Because He saved me, yes!  Only The Blood of Jesus washed all my sins, praise God.  Now I can sing songs of praises to Him because he deserves all our praises.  He’s my God and I honor Him.

Who is God in your life?  If you don’t have strength, just go to God.  If you’re not save, Just go to God.  Remember this, He’s your peace.  I invite you to read Exodus 15:2 and read it loud; declare that He’s your God.  Believe and sing songs to Him, because He’s is Worthy.

He will give me strength

When I read Philippians 4:13, -Christ is the one who gives me the strength I need to do whatever I must do, this is what I declare.

My God is the only one. His strength is more than sufficient. Every day I must:
-pray, yes to talk to Him, a connection, a relationship with Him.
Read His Word- I need, must know God. He already knows me, but I need to know Him more and more every day. The same way I talk to Him, He wants to speak to me, yes everyday. He’ll tell me what I’m doing wrong to fix it. So, I must read His Word, to follow and obey.
Fast-why? – to present to Him this body in holy sacrifice. To get deeper and deeper. To be able to submerge in the river of the Holy Spirit.
And if I keep on going I will never end this writing. Are you with me. What you must do? Can you give me a comment? Blessings to all.

Tu eres el que escoges tu destino ! You choose your destiny


Cuando Dios creo al hombre, lo creo para que el reconociera que Dios es su creador, el todo y que merece adoracion; pero a la vez dejo que el escogiera.
     Hoy en dia Dios aun sigue dandonos la capacidad de escoger, o servirle a El, o rechazarlo.  Si escogemos servirle y seguirle, escogemos la vida, vida eterna; pero si lo rechazamos, somos nosotros mismos que hemos escogido la muerte y muerte eterna.
Dios nos da a escoger hoy y nos hace esta pregunta:  -“¿Deseas que te bendiga, deseas vida?  Te doy la oportunidad para que escojas.”
     Nosotros determinamos a traves de nuestra decision y no coincidencia o casualidad.  ¿Que escoges tu, la vida para vivir, o el camino de la muerte?
    Lee Deuteronomio 30:19.  Dios esta poniendo ante ti, la vida y la muerte, que escoges?  Si quieres vivir y ser bendecido por Dios, escoge la vida.


     When God created man, He created him that he may recognize Him as his Creator, that God deserves all the Glory and Honor, but also He let men to decide, to choose.
     Today God is still giving us the ability to choose, or serve Him, or reject Him;  If we choose to serve and follow Him, we chose life, eternal life, but if you say no, we  have chosen death and eternal death.  God gives us a choice today and ask us this question: – “Do you want me to bless you, do you want life?  I give you the opportunity to choose?.”
     We determined through our decision and not coincidence.   What will you choose, life to live, or the way of death?
     Read Deuteronomy 30:19. God is placing before you, life and death, you choose? If you want to live and be blessed by God, choose life.

A time to PRAY

GOD loves to see His Church that takes time to be with Him. Even though we are so busy during the day, we need to spend time with the Lord.  To have a communication with him.
    Setting a time just exactly for Him, to pray, to talk ti Him.  Also when we do this, We let God speak to us. Is like having an appointment with Him in which we’re going to have an encounter with Him.  This is something that we need to do every day.
   If you really need Him, every day your spirit and soul is going to remind you to spend a time with Him.  TO be alone with Him, praising, worshipping Him.
   Do you know that God wants this time to be with us? Yes he does, and we really need to have a closer relationship with Him.
   When did you take a time with God? When was the last time you prayed? When did you speak to Him?


Protect the gates…


Good morning. Blessings to all.  Brothers and sisters in Christ, God gave us authority through His Holy Spirit, and He prepared you to protect the gates. If your gates are destroyed rebuild them. That way the enemy or enemies can’t enter to your territory.  Are you ready? COME on now…. Ready to stand, to protect.. Think about it. It’s now.