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Pedid / Ask


Cuando eramos chicos teniamos la confianza y seguridad de pedir a papa o mama. Al pedirles sabiamos que no nos iban a fallar.
Como creyentes tenemos un Padre que nos dice pideme, pero en el nombre de mi hijo. Para encontrar, necesitas buscar,  llama para que te abran. Que necesitas,?

What do you really need? Remember when you was little. You trusted your parents, whatever you needed you asked and you received.
We have a heavenly father that tells you ask in my son’s name. What do you need? If you come to me and ask you’ll receive, seek, call me, I’m here. I’m mighty, and have lots things to give you. Trust me I don’t fail.

Posted from Dr. Lydia Robles


Soul Reflexion

Woman, Young Lady, Single Mother, you has declared that your life has no value, that everything is lost, but there is hope. Which have been the reasons, such as:

a) not to follow the direction of God, you desperately made the wrong decision

b) you wanted to escape from the situation in which you dealt with your parents -maltreatment, abuse, etc) and looking for a loophole you got in a worse situation.

c) your parents were alcoholics or drug addicts and you you looked for refuge incorrect arms

d) you did a yoke unequal

e) you had an abortion because your boyfriend or husband force; whatever the situation is there is hope. The love of God is infinite and is willing to forgive and to lift. There is good news for you. Read Psalms 145: 14; you see? You have fallen, you are oppressed, but God holds and lifts. Other news for you, read Hebrews 13: 5 (the last part). In other words He is Saying: never, in any way, in any case, at any time, any time, in any way I will ABANDON You. Let God heal all your wounds, that the peace and love of God take control of your heart and soul and you will reflect to others the joy and the healing you received.  By L. Robles